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How We're Helping Improve the Lives of Veterans and Rescued Animal with CBD


We are a nonprofit charitable organization, (U.S. Government Approved 501(C)3 focused on helping make the world around us a better place for Service Animals and pets suffering from medical conditions that could be cured or made less painful with the use of CBD or Medical Cannabis. 


VVK-9 was originally started to provide job training in the pet industry for returning Veterans suffering from PTSD or other limitations by pairing the Veteran with a "Rescued Dog" to be trained by the "Vet" for gifting the trained service animal to a physically handicapped veteran. 

Over the last five years, VVK-9 Board of Directors realized that over 65% of the rescued animals developed some type of medical condition that reduced the Service Animals ability to help the "Wounded Warrior".


Many of the animal’s new owners were themselves suffering from new mental health crisis’ due to their frustration over the lack of "FDA Approved" treatment options for their loved companions that relieved suffering. After VVK-9’s founders beloved dog developed lymphatic Cancer and was placed on chemotherapy, he wanted to give his dog CBD as he was involved with the new cannabis industry and asked his veterinarian what is the correct dosage for his dogs condition and breed. The answer he received was “If I discuss CBD with you I could lose my license because there have been no completed FDA studies on dogs and CBD because of the way the FDA requires studies to be done. 

Present day FDA guidelines for animal studies requires that to fast track the study must be broke into minor species/major disease or major species/minor disease. Therefore, to develop a dosing and effectiveness study, the research group would have to break the canine species into breed creating a minor group and a major disease such as a specific type of cancer or other painful conditions including hip displacer and arthritis.

Most CBD companies selling pet meds today have no FDA study have not attempted to even begin a study because they would have to have a separate animal for each breed and disease to fast track. 

Recognizing that VVK-9 had the perfect make up to run the studies on dogs with CBD because of the large number of veterans trained in the pet industry, the nonprofit status which would give a sponsor company a tax deduction for a donation to run a study and the ability of VVK-9 to charge non sponsoring companies a dosage determination fee after independently testing their product for CBD levels. 

VVK-9 is seeking sponsor companies to have first opportunity to pick breed and disease for FDA approval which would allow them to sell directly to veterinarians who could now provide information to patients of proper dosage levels and effectiveness of specific CBD pet meds, treats, or feed. 

VVK-9 would agree to allow sponsors to receive a portion of the licensing fee to other CBD companies desiring the ability to have end users consult with their veterinarians of the dosage and effectiveness of their products which would return the initial sponsor donation and substantial revenue for all companies selling their product to the breed and disease target population they sponsored. 



Why FDA Trials


My service Animal I received from VVK-9 has cancer. I know that humans suffering from Cancer, Arthritis, and a long list of other ailments and who are undergoing Chemo only survive because they are allowed to take CBD and other Hemp or Cannabis Based Drugs. I asked my Veterinarian last month, what is proper dosage for CBD to help my dog tolerate the Chemo. The response I received floored me. She said "I cannot even discuss with any patient because no one has ever bothered to apply for a CBD Study for dog use that references dosages. Until someone does, we as Veterinarians cannot even discuss it with patients”. 


I love my dog and immediately talked to the Board at vvk-9 to see if they could approve a couple of studies with the FDA so that Veterinarians can advise patients how much of which tested brand of CBD is affective in relieving some side effects of Chemo or reducing Hip and Joint Pain in my 13 year old Rottweiler who can barely get up unassisted. 

The Board said "Go get Funding for these trials. I said from WHO. They said "Any company that sells Pet products should care enough about the animals to Sponsor the Studies. 


OK, Keep checking back, and in a week or two you should see a section of Companies that care enough about our Dogs welfare to support the study. We are adding a page listing the Companies who agreed to donate to support the FDA Study and the ones that said "NO". We and veterinary clients will be only buying products from those Companies that care enough to support a project to improve the quality of our Dogs Life. 


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

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Primary Sponsors are the backbone of our CBD Study Program. Primary Sponsors Fund the Housing and Treatment CBD S tudy designed to provide existing pet supply companies offering CBD to dogs to publish the results of our Study on their product so that both customers and thier veterinarian discuss dosage and other CBD related issues. Primary Sponsors share the rewards and recognition with VVK-9 of being the first pet CBD Study in the County designed to allow vetinarians to discuss the use of CBD with thier patients and provide a independent verification of the contents oops


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